CICJSA receives Grant & Loan Funding

On December 19th, CICJSA was awarded $1.9 million from Commonwealth Financing Agency COVID-19 ARPA H20 PA that will be used for the rehabilitation project at the sewer plant and the infrastructure improvements for Cherry Run Road. On January 25th, PENNVEST awarded CICJSA a $2 million loan toward the rehabilitation project at the sewer plant. With both of these funding sources, the Authority will be able to pursue these construction projects. The sewer plant project is expected to go out to bid in Spring of 2024 with construction anticipated to begin in June 2024 and completion by June 2025. The infrastructure project Cherry Run Road will proceed upon receipt of required permits from the State.

We sincerely thank Senator Joe Pittman and Representative Jim Struzzi for their part in securing these two awards for CICJSA, Homer City Borough, and Center Township, and continuing to invest in Indiana County!